24 Recommendations
Jim is a wonderful manager!!!! He is always available for any concerns you have. I like the fact that he is straight up with you, there is no wondering about things when you go to him. He is honest, friendly and above all always there for his agents.
My decision to leave my previous broker has been decision that I have never regretted. My only regret is that I should have done it sooner. My previous broker did not treat the agents like independent contractos. They had too many demands on the agents. Their commissions were not appropriate. And my manager was not a good listener, nor was he readily accessible or approachable. My current broker Russell Real Estate Services is family brokerage. The company was founded in Northeast Ohio over 50 years ago by Newman Russell . It is currently run by his son Ron Russell and his grandson Jeff Russell. Ron and Jeff are the most professional and down to earth people I've ever worked for. My current manager Jim Hiles has always been accessible when I need him. His knowledge of Real Estate has helped me in many adverse Real Estate situations. Jim is easily approachable and always gives me sound advise .I always feel reassured and confident after meeting with him. Don't fear change , changing to Russell Real Estate Services is a good thing. Jack Sullivan
Jim is the reason I am currently at the Russell Strongsville location. I live 35 mins away and there are other offices closer to my home. However, it’s worth the inconvenience to be have the opportunity to have Jim Hiles as my manager. He is ALWAYS available and knowledgeable to answer my questions. I believe my success is in this industry is 100% because I have the best support available.
Realtor / investor
I highly recommend James Hiles he is a true asset to Russell Realty he is available by text by email by phone for whatever your needs are in real estate I’m not sure Russell Realty could function without him He Also finds time to do iEnormous amount of charity work For Russell Realty he’s honest he’s ethical and extremely knowledgeable Intech issues sincerely Christina Motyka
Jim is a good manager for the following reasons: -has ALWAYS been available to help when needed -has a good grasp of current real estate issues -runs a very good and informative office meeting w/agenda, timely topics, interesting speakers and they typically end on schedule -has very good technical knowledge, a big plus for a manager -AND he's likeable.
As Producers/Agents working out of the Strongsville Office, We would like to Highly Recommend Jim Hiles to you. Jim is an excellent manager that understands the industry and the needs of Producers. Jim has never not had an accurate answer or a solution to a problem with a deal that has arisen. We trust Jim implicitly and appreciate his knowledge and professionalism. We would recommend Jim as a manager to any perspective Producer/Agent looking to work under him. Cordially, Chris & Karen Miller
Jim is a fantastic managing broker. He is a leader and always willing to help his agents grow. He is very inspiring and possesses the qualities that all realtors look for in a man in his position. He is always willing to sacrifice his time in his business to help you with yours. I'm a veteran realtor of twelve years now but have learned more in the last three years under Jim's guidance than I have in the first nine. I give James Hiles the highest recommendation I can.
I started my real estate career with Russell Real Estate Services in 2001 and 18 years later I am still with the company I started with. Russell stays on top of technology and provides an unlimited amount of training to help you with your business. They offer a competitive commission split while offering a low cost administration fee which basically covers all of the essentials to succeed. Jim Hiles, my office manager/Broker, has been very supportive throughout the years on anything that has come up that needed attention and he truly want to see you succeed in your business. I've seen many agents come and go and several of them decided to come back to rejoin the Russell team. If you're considering making a move I would highly recommend considering the team at Russell Real Estate Services.
Jim Hiles is a great manager. He makes himself available and if he is not available, he always returns calls. He is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. He has taken the time to get to know all the agents in the office, which are many, and is supportive to everyone. We are happy and lucky to have him as our manager!
Sales agent
I have been in the business for over 35 years and have worked for a few Real estate companies. Russell real estate is the best one I have worked for for the following reasons This company was built on honesty and integrity and still holds this after many years, they have no hidden costs,The managers and the owners let you do your own thing they never pressure you, They do everything in their well power to help you no matter what. Jim HILes is my manager at the Strongsville office and I love him Dearly because he is always there for you when you need him. If you leave him a message he always gets back with you in a timely manner. I hope Jim will always remain my manager. If you chose to work with the Russell team you will not be sorry. I have had offers from other large real estate companies to go with them. I love Russell and have no plans to ever leave Russell.
Jim has been an instrumental part in the growth of my business personally and to the future planning and growth of the team we have at Russell Real Estate. His open-door policy and hands-on approach makes him very accessible and helpful when I have questions or need advice.
Jim is a devoted manager who encourages and motivates agents to succeed so they can achieve their goals. He is very knowledgeable and experienced as a manager and realtor. He is always willing to help you.
Sales Agent for Russell Real Estate
I started my career as a Real Estate Agent with Russell Real Estate in August of 2017. I came from 20+ years in Mortgage/Finance, and spoke to many local agencies before deciding where I wanted to hang my license. James Hiles, his character and his knowledge, were some of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Russell. I wanted to work for a company with integrity and which helped the community, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. James heads the golf outing in support of Make A Wish each year. He has stepped in to help me with challenging clients. He is responsive to questions and genuinely wants to see his sales agents succeed. If you are looking to come to a company that listens to its sales agents, gives them every tool to succeed and sincerely cares about their employees, James Hiles is the person to speak with.
Jim Hiles, our Strongsville office manager does a exceptional job managing the office. He is responsive to any issues or questions that may arise.
James is very professional and helpful. He is one of the most experienced real estate brokers in the area.He responds to my questions promptly and professionally.I have the pleasure working with him.
Love our leader, coach and manger, Jim Hiles. Thank you for all you do for our office. You exceed on your technology, which is very helpful for me. You are always here when I need you. Everyone gets along in our office and yes we are a team with a great team leader. Thank you, Susie Colvin
Jim has been a great manager to work with since I joined the Russell team about 7 months ago. He has taken the time to assist me as a new agent when I have asked for his help or advice, and is always working to be a positive influence to the entire team.
Jim Hiles has been a very effective Manager of our office since taking over the office a few years ago. I have been in the business many years but continue to learn new ideas from Jim. Our Strongsville office is a great place to work and everyone is willing to help others . We also do some significant community charitable activities throughout the year with the food bank and Make a Wish Foundation .
Real Estate Agent
Jim has been a great help to me since I came to Russell. He is very responsive to my questions and encourages me to grow with ideas and coaching he provides. He has made my transition to Russell great! I appreciate how Jim thinks outside of the box with managing an office. His goal is to provide a way to communicate information that is useful to our team of agents and not just "check the box" for having a meeting. Jim is a pleasure to work with!
Jim has a world of knowledge! He offers valuable information on how to succeed in our careers, training opportunities and always available to provide advice when needed. Extremely personable, kind, genuine and caring! Couldn't ask for a better manager!
I highly recommend joining the office of Russell Real Estate in Strongsville. We have an awesome office staff to handle our paperwork! They work very hard to address our listings, purchases, etc. Our manager is always up to date on the legalities of real estate to keep us on our toes. He is easy to sit down with and go over any issues or concerns we may have. Russell also is constantly staying ahead of the game with advertising, marketing, classes, etc. I have been here over 15 years and truly value all their help and expertise.
Russell Real Estate Services offers excellent support to their Realtors. The tools and systems they make available are free and cutting-edge. You will receive mentoring and free training at the level you need it. Jim Hiles, Manager, Strongsville Office is friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. This family-oriented company truly cares about their agents.
I find James easy to reach and always has the answer to a situation I may have. It would have been great if I had a manager like James when I started my Real Estate Career. I feel my business would have grown.
Jim is knowledgeable, professional, responsive, supportive, and everything you need in a Broker/Manager!