Who we are looking for

First & foremost, we are looking for agents with the right mindset. To us, that means positivity, commitment and integrity.

Positivity. We are a positive, present and future-oriented company.  We’re looking for people who are passionate and optimistic about the future of real estate.

Commitment. We are professionals who are committed to real estate as a full-time career. This is a career with unlimited income potential but requires a willingness to work for it.  Are you committed?

Integrity.  People trust us with their most valuable asset.  They deserve agents who hold themselves to a higher standard and do what is right, not just what is easy.

If these values resonate with you, then you may be who we’re looking for.??




Value Proposition

Unparalleled management, quality agents, superior technology, and company culture. That’s what has set us apart and above all other local real estate companies for over 40 years. 

Unparalleled Management.  Our agents feel secure knowing that their management team has over 75 years of combined experience leading the best real estate company in Colorado.  But we know that we didn’t get to be number one by being risk-averse, so we focus on innovation to ensure that we remain the best company in the future as well.

Quality Agents.  80% of your success in life is determined by your reference group. Who are you associating with?  Our agents average over 15 years of experience and sell more real estate on average than anyone else.

Superior Technology.  We give our agents the best tech tools in the industry, including things not available elsewhere, so they can serve their clients better than anyone else.

Company Culture.  We love our families, friends, and community, and are committed to making them all better off. We act as trusted advisors to help people use real estate as a vehicle to fund their dreams.??




Tools to Help Agents Get More Personal Business

*The Vault

*Branded Mobile App

*25+ leads from annually 

*International Brand Recognition

*Professional, Customizable Marketing Materials

*Agent to Agent International Referral Network

*National Advertising

*Individual, Cutomizable Website

Tools To Help Agents Get More Company Generated Business

We can give you leads from

No.1 referral network in the world - fee free!

90,000+ agents - access network through web roster

Regional events and national convention

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Other sources of income available

You set your own income goal and schedules. You can reduce your work hours without reducing your earnings or work longer hours and increase your earnings.  The sky's the limit. ï»¿

Be your own boss. 

RE/MAX agents are in business for your self but not by yourself.