19 Recommendations
JLA Realty is an amazing company to work for. Someone is always there willing to help you if you have questions.
JLA has been a great community for me. I interviewed with 6 other brokers and JLA by far was the best one. I love how everyone works together and genuinely cares about helping out.
I am ecstatic with this company. My broker; Amanda Seidel and her assistant Toni Aubain could not possibly have been more helpful .. and patient .. as I made the transfer from a large company and an entirely different system to their system which I enjoy using very much. They are friendly, available and just great to work with. I am a happy, long term older agent.
John is absolutely incredible
JLA is a forward looking company and takes care of the agents. I love the entire organization.
I absolutely love working for JLA. I have learned so much while working out of the Crosby office with Amanda. Amanda is AWSOME to work with. She’s available when I call at anytime and the instances she cannot answer she will send me a text trying to assist me as usual and will follow up with a call later. The training that is available is AWSOME as it give me the ability to continue to develop as a agent. I have worked for others brokers in the past and JLA is by far the best and first class. Thanks you JLA Realty and Amanda Seidel
I very highly recommend the Brokerage JLA Realty. John Altic is the best Broker that I have experience in my 16 year of Realestate. If you are looking for a Broker who cares and teaches classes himself, and does all he can do to help his Realtors build their business. You are at the right Brokerage. This is the best brokerage that I know of. If you need training you will get it here!! If you want to be successful in you business and feel confident in conducting your business, I would strongly recommend JLA Realty!! John Altic is the best Broker and he can help you Build your business.
President of Pearland,Alvin,Friendswood Realtor Network
Danny Frank is a very good, hard working Realtor, manager, team leader and friend. He is very motivational and gets the job done.
Real Estate Agent
JLA Realty has been a great brokerage for me, because of the straightforward splits, affordability, and valuable, responsive mentorship I have received. The ability to work on residential and commercial transactions is a big plus, in addition to the in-person office and personable leadership. The boot camp experience was great, and the positivity and helpfulness of fellow agents on the Facebook page and locally has been wonderful for me. The trainings are available for many needs, but are offered a la carte, to allow for time freedom. This brokerage allows agents to feel like business owners instead of employees.
JLA Agent
JLA is one of the best if not THE BEST to work with. They have endless training classes and EVERYONE is a team member. I just started February 1st, but I would highly recommend JLA REALTY.
I have been with JLA for 10 years now and I have no plans on leaving! JLA keeps us up to date on all the important marketing strategies , how the market is evolving , how to grow our business and keeping current with real estate laws. We are free to brand ourselves and get teams if we want. I always feel I am a phone call away from the broker or anyone else in the company if I have a question. JLA has grown into a very well known brokerage and expanded out into many locations which is great for me as I plan to move closer to Austin in a couple of years and can continue growing my business. I love how our agents are always so helpful when someone posts a question on our Facebook group page and it really feels like family.
Realtor Montgomery, Tx Office
I moved my license to JLA a few years ago. My only regret is that I did not join the JLA family sooner. I love JLA and all the people I have met since being here. My business has grown and the amount of support I have received since working here is beyond my expectations. John Altic and all of his team are all about helping you succeed. The weekly calls with John help keep me motivated and always aware of what is going on in the real estate market. This is the only brokerage I have been with that offers so much training.
I joined JLA in 2017 at the recommendation of Ronnie Dees, who is a long time friend and part owner with John Altic. Although I consider myself a part-time agent, I have enjoyed being part of such a great group of people. JLA encourages its members to help each other succeed, which in turn helps the brokerage succeed. Despite the very competitive nature of the real estate business, I have only seen people helping each other and putting others and clients before their own interests. I would highly recommend JLA to anyone looking to get into real estate
The one thing that I really like about JLA is they let you be yourself, while giving you all the support and guidance you need. I have seen it at all experience levels from new agents to experienced agents. The compensation concept is very fair and encourages growth. There is always someone available to answer questions I may have. The weekly calls are full of helpful information and I always walk away with a few more tidbits of knowledge. One of the best companies I have ever worked for.
Sales Associate
I'm so honored to be a part of the JLA team. I always have a plethora of people to contact with questions or if I need help.
I’ve been a REALTOR for 6 years and I’ve also been with numerous big name brokers, as well as mom and pop brokers over those years. I like JLA the best because of the immense support from management, countless trainings, and also importantly- the low and fair fees. I’m glad I made the switch to JLA. You will be happy with your decision to join them as well. Best of luck in your real estate journey.
Exceptional leadership and very motivating. Mr. Altic gives fantastic marketing ideas and keeps us informed of real estate happenings. Management are always available and willing to teach and help. Love the enthusiasm.
JLA has been amazing from the start! Everyone being so welcoming and super hellful. Being a new agent is definetly intimidating but everyone here makes you feel very welcome. I was wanting to join a brokerage that offered trainings and JLA goes above and beyond. From the kickstart program, to the mentoring program and all the weekly trainings/zoom calls with John Altic himself just goes to show how much they want you to succed.
JLA is a great brokerage to work for. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. They provide a lot of training and always quick to answer your questions when you need help. They don't seem to push you in a direction you don't want your career to go; instead, they ask you what you want and they help you get there. I would recommend JLA for both new agents and seasoned agents.