Realty Connection

Now there is one place to get all the information you need on multiple companies. You can even do side by side comparisons!

Get Information On:

  • Commission Splits
  • Monthly Fees
  • Caps
  • Franchise Fees
  • Office Space
  • Lead Programs
  • REO/HUD/Relocation
  • Technology Packages
  • Branding
  • Support
  • Mentoring
  • Management

And Much, Much, More...

Why Realty Connection?

Consultation: We are a 3rd party, unbiased company with no incentive to direct you to certain companies. We do not sell, we educate you. No Pressure EVER!

Choice: It is impossible for you to know about all companies or teams in your area. Many of them do not actively recruit or advertise. We have done our research and have relationships with many, many, many companies/teams. Weigh your options and see who is out there. You may be surprised.

Collaboration: Use our Broker Forum to collaborate with other agents and find out the scoop on companies. Get advice, reviews, and testimonials. Or just discuss Real Estate Topics.

Confidentiality: Browse Companies confidentially without being hassled. You control who sees your information, and we never sell that information.

Connection: We share multiple companies business models with you, you decide which ones you want to meet with. No More Wasted Time!

Credibility: Bouncing around from company to company never looks good to your friends, family, and clients. Let us help you make the right choice today so you never have to move again!

Comfort: Now you can get the information you need, 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home. No more wasted time meeting with companies just to see what they offer. It's all right here!

Cost Efficiency: Making the right choice will save you alot of money. You never have to buy new signs, software, pay startup fees, business cards, etc. It's your Career. Make an Informed Choice.

Convenience: ONE simple search, MULTIPLE company overviews, ALL the information you need

What Clients Are Saying?

"Realty Connection is an awesome tool for Realtors. Not only can you research other companies and opportunities, it a great resource for finding any type of vendor in our industry. I found an awesome plumber that did a phenomenal job for my client. I would recommend him again, as well as Realty Connection!"

Sherri P.

What Clients Are Saying?

"My license expired 2 years ago and I am considering renewing and getting involved in Real Estate again. The Realty Connection web site has allowed me to see what companies are offering and what makes the most sense for me and my Real Estate career. It has really been a time saver as all the information I need is in one place."

Jeff W.

What Clients Are Saying?

"As a contractor, advertising is often too expensive and is not effective. My ad on Realty Connection has already generated several inquiries and several opportunities to bid jobs. It is the least expensive and most productive tool I have found to generate new business."

Steve H.

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