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We help agents find the right brokerage or team to take their career to the next level. We help Brokerages and Team Leaders identify, recruit, and retain the best agents. Our goal is to create a perfect match the 1st time


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  • Let us attract, identify, recruit, and retain the best agents for your brokerage.
  • We use modern recruiting technology such as AI, Production Metrics, Predicted DISC Profiles, and more to find the best agents for you
  • Not only will we source and identify the best agents, we will call them too!
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Video Testimonial
I'm happy to say that thanks to RealtyConnection.com I have been with my current agency for three years and will be there for many more to come. It is the perfect fit for which I had spent years searching.
Jude Sandvall
Denver, Co
What our clients are saying...
After getting out of Real Estate school I registered myself through realtyconnection.com. I couldn't believe the fast response I received from Signature Real Estate. - Angelita Figueroa, Signature Real Estate
I used Realty Connection when I was first trying to decide which brokerage to go with. There are so many options and decisions to make and Realty Connection really helped me to narrow down my choices. - Kira Baldwin, Coldwell Banker DTC
Realty Connection is a GREAT resource for agents! I found the PERFECT real estate company for me and I would have never found them if not for Realty Connection!. - Elizabeth Johnson, Modern Real Estate
If your new to the business like me, or a seasoned broker ready for a change, this is truly "one stop shopping" for your search. - D. Jonathan Vink, New Agent-Undecided
Realty Connection made it easy to compare and I found the right company for me. I am very happy with Broker's Guild. The staff is great and my business is definitely picking up. - Mayra Bernal, Brokers Guild
Changing industries is a major decision, and Realty Connection provided all the information I needed.. - Brittney Morris, Unlicensed Agent